Thursday, March 22, 2012


  Well it seems that everyone else has had a say at this, so now its my turn, and maybe all three of my readers will know what I think. You may or may not know that my family and I are Denver Bronco fans, my wife and both of our children were born in Colorado and we lived there for several years, getting to go to training camp and visit with greats such as Karl Mecklenburg who was a strong believer in Christ, and talking to Coach Mike Shanahan, and my son almost being ran over by then quarterback John Elway. My wife and I went to a game in 2010 and we saw Tim Tebow make his first NFL touchdown against the Jets. We are Denver Bronco fans. That being said, what in the world are they thinking? Tebow took over the losing team as a back-up quarterback and made it into a winning team, taking them into the playoffs, and so with a wining record they bring in a future Hall of Fame QB named Payton Manning, and then ditch Tebow????? By the way, I am also a Tebow fan, I believe he is one of the brightest things to hit Denver in many years. Now I didn't really like it too much when they began trying to get Manning but I thought, "Well, Tebow can now learn under two of the best ever and also become one of the best." But no, they trade Tebow to NY Jets, really??? What are they thinking?? Was John Elway afraid that Tebow was getting more attention than Manning would? Elway seemed to enjoy it when he played and was in the spotlight - The Duke of Denver - were they that afraid of Tebowmannia?
  So I had to think about this, Tebow was given his choice of going back to his home turf and play for the Jags or go to NY and play for the Jets, and he chose the Jets, why?  Well Tebow is first and foremost a strong believer in Jesus Christ, and if he went home he would be going home, but NY is a mission field waiting. Football I believe is just one of the tools God has given Tim to spread the Gospel.
  Some scholars say that the Apostle Paul was the reason that the Roman Empire fell, no not by his might, but his love for Christ, his witness. The two times that he was in prison in Rome he taught everyone he could about Christ, and they say that the message of Christ grew to the point that the believers took over Rome and the Roman way went away. Now I know that there were other things that happened that the fall of Rome has been blamed on, but the strong witness of Paul played a big part in it. Now just think about the platform that God has given Tim Tebow to just be who God made him to be, and the man of God that Tim Tebow chooses to be. What if we are seeing the next step in the biggest spiritual revolution in New York history?
   Pray for Tim Tebow as he enters his new mission field, pray that his witness for Jesus will be brighter than ever. By the way, if you are a believer in Christ, you should be a Tebow fan, it doesn't matter if you like his playing style or not, if you are a Christian, he is your brother in Christ, and that alone should make you a fan of the stand he takes for Christ. We should be as bold. I mean really, he doesn't act like some spoiled pro like so many of them do, you know the ones that you just laugh at and say, "Well if I made that kind of money and could play like he does, I would...." Tim is a Christian on and off the field just as his teammates say. John Elway has even made comments about how his character is above and beyond, and has said that he would want his daughter to marry Tim. We should be asking God to bless Tebow and make him the best that He can, and then we should strive to be as brave as he is while in the public eye.
 Am I now a Jets fan? No, but I am still a Tebow fan, and I am most certainly a fan of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and He was and is in control, He has great plans for Tebow and NYC!!!!!
God Bless you. Live for Christ day in and day out, when you are seen and when you are not.

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Barb said...

I agree with you 100%--go Tim and I think I am now a Jets fan. Seriously. I am also, in the back of my mind, thinking that Denver will spiral into a slow hot mess. I am kind of rooting for that to happen, and I have always been a Bronco fan. Still am, but at this point in time, under this circumstance, I hope they fail, and fail mightily. I was thinking that NY can be helped by Tim's witness, too!